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How To Start A Blog In 2022 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

Do you want to start a blog in 2022 from scratch? if Yes then it’s a good decision.

Starting a blog is not difficult but needs some guidance and tips to get success, without doing mistakes. Jump here to start blog directly.

What you will get when you start a blog in 2022?

When you begin a blog in 2022 you can generate a good passive income that enables you to live a life from free of a boss.

Best part of blogging is there is no age limit, anyone can start from zero knowledge.

Fair Warning: If you’re thinking blogging is a quick rich scheme then blogging is not suitable for you because it needs some patience and consistency.

After reading this article you will be able to know how to start a blog and make a career in blogging along with master Tips.

Here is the complete guide to start a blog in 2022 step by step from scratch.

Why Should You Start A Blog In 2022?

The big question why should we start a blog? The main idea of blogging drives from sharing thoughts, skills, the experience of life, and more.

While sharing your thoughts, experiences, you can turn this into a source of passive income and earn money.

Through blogging, you gain confidence, writing skills and even you can build a community to help others.

Let me tell you life changing reasons why anyone should start a blog.

1.Build your career in blogging

If you’re totally dedicated to blogging and want to make it profession , this is good opportunity to start kick start your blog. this also can provide you more employement and business opportunities.

2.Generate passive income

Creating money making blog takes time,dedication and patience becuase you’re building a machine which will provide money even if you don’t work. It also depends on how good ways you monitize your blog.

3.Build network

Building your brand in blogging world provides more opportunities to make professional connection with other.When you connect with them you’ll get lots of ideas, their strategies who are experts in your niche.

4.Work from anywhere anytime

Still confused! see the earning of Indian blogger’s website, How he scaled blogging from $400 to $52000. Similarly you can share your ideas to world and earn money online

earning report
From shoutmeloud blog

After seeing this report, you can believe that the Blogging domain has rich scope to make a career for newbies.

How To Start A Blog In 2022 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

When you read this post till the end you will get to know how to start a blog without doing any mistake with some bonus tips.

Let’s dive into starting a blog from scratch.

Step1: Choose A Niche For Your Blog (Topic)

start blog in 2021 with Niche

Choosing is a niche is a very critical step because many of the times bloggers shut the blog by not selecting the correct niche.

Why they shut the blog?

  • They are not able to write content on selected niche.
  • Unable to find good topic

The main reason for shutting a blog is they choose a niche based on search traffic not based on interest. That’s why it is a critical step in starting a blog.

How to choose a niche for a blog that generate good money in future?

When you start blogging, you need to write posts or articles with a good amount of length. That only can be possible if you choose a niche in which you are interested.

start a blog in 2021 niche-beststandout

Example on choosing niche for blog

If you know a math subject well, you can share this skill with others by blogging.

Still, confused? Don’t worry !!

Remember below key points while selecting blog niche.

Traffic: Niche should have a good amount of traffic until unless you don’t have the traffic you won’t able to generate good money

Competitor: Don’t forget your competitor! Before getting into the niche do a complete analysis of the competitor niche.

  • What content they write
  • Most targeted keyword
  • Top ranking pages

Earning Potential: Your Earning depends upon the niche, so niche should

Interest: Most important in choosing a niche for your website is “Interest”. The benefit of this point is when you are interested you can write a lengthy and good post that helps in ranking among the top pages.

Here I listed top 10 blog niches in which you can make money making blog. As these are trending so you won’t be lacking in traffic,only you need to provide quality content .

top 10 niches for money making blog

Your content should express genuine knowledge to gain the visitor’s trust. Once the trust is built you will become a successful blogger in just the beginning of 2022.

To get success in a few months choose a single niche instead of Multiple niches. When you write a post on a single niche Google understands the content on your website.

This will help you to build Domain authority, ultimately Your blog will take over other websites in terms of Ranking.

Step2: Choose A Good Domain for Blog

find good name for blog-beststandout

Before selecting a domain you must have to do proper Research and make sure it should satisfy following things.

The recommended website to buy the domain name is and because they are trusted and most preferred by expert.

Choosing a domain is not difficult but Don’t do mistakes that I did!

To avoid the problem that I faced make sure you follow the below Tips.

1.keep it Simple and Short: When you make your domain short and simple, it will be easy for the user to remember.

2) .com Extension: a blog having .com Extension shows the Commercial and Professional blog. Most of the blogger choose This extension to take their blog next level. The best domain Extension is .com and has higher precedence than another extension

So why you wait let’s grab it now?

3) keyword: keyword is a word that people use on search engines to get results.

Example: Best, Grab, Free

Should domain names include keywords?

Key Note:If you include the keyword in your domain name, it will rank on the top of the search result. Try to include your brand name or another targeted keyword that impact SEO. These can be the reason to include keywords in the domain.

Step3: Buy Best Webhosting & Domain Name

start blogging with beststandout in 2021

Once you have decided the catchy domain name it’s time to buy it.
Hosting is measure backbone because your all files, Databases will be live and catering services to the client.

To handle huge traffic and load a website like a rocket, Good Hosting is a must.

But You Don’t Worry! Here is the best Web hosting for you. If you ask me, I recommend Bluehost is the best web hosting, typically for WordPress blog.

Using Bluehost you’ll get an amazing speed that will grow your blog faster. Don’t believe it? see the GTmetrix report of sneakerpolitics website that loads in 1.3 seconds.

Pro Tip: Use Hosting + Cloudflare to load your site faster than rocket along with security protection and grab 20% more visitor.

If you are a newbie, you can go with Bluehost Hosting provider in 2022 to start a fascinating blog.
Even expert blogger uses Bluehost to do Blogging because Its services are fabulous.

WAIT! don’t believe on my words.
Please Check! What expert says about Bluehost.

Bluehost Review Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi- WPBeginner

Bluehost is the Biggest and popular Web hosting that offers a variety of services. They provide high WordPress securty,performance and user friendly web hosting service with 100% uptime.

Reviewed by Syed Balkhi

Disclosure: The BestStandOut’s Blog is an Affiliate partner of Bluehost(i.e We earn some revenue whenever you purchase Bluehost service through our link. Users can avail this link to get discounts on web hosting.

Let’s have the look at the Bluehost Feature!

  • 99% Uptime
  • Limited/Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Free Domain

Got this wondering feature !!

So why wait? Grab Offer Now! to start a blog in 2022.

Here are the Complete steps to buy Bluehost Hosting for Blog.

Step1: Click on the Activate Offer.

Tap on Get Started to See Plan Details.

start blog in 2021 beststandout

Step2: Choose Basic Plan.

start blog in 2021 basic plan

As Beginner, I personally recommend you to go with a Basic plan to start a blog instead of buying a higher plan in 2022.

Step3: Enter Target Domain Name For your Blog.

choose domain to start bloggin 2021

If you have purchased a Domain Name from another website, choose Use Domain you Own.

Step 4: Carefully, Fill your account Details & Grab Discount

Make sure you provide correct information because you will be communicated through these Details.

bluehost start blog 2021

Are you eager to know what includes in Extra package? Here you can walkthrough.

bluehost package detail

If you want domain privacy, SEO tool, and other features you can checkmark the box. I will recommend you to take atleast domain privacy, for the demo I have unchecked other.

Step5: Enter Card Details(Debit/Credit).

pay via card debit credit

Card details are required to make a successful purchase of Hosting and Domain.

agree to start blog in 2021

You have to agree the Terms and Conditions.
After that click on submit button to proceed, it will take few minutes to complete the payment process.

Step6: After Successful Transaction, you’ve moved one step towards blogging.

create account with bluehost

You can check your mail for Transaction detail. Once it’s done Click on Create Account.

Step7: Create your Strong Password. This password will be used in the future to login into your Bluehost site.

password for blog bluehost

Step8: “Congratulation” you have created an account.

It’s time to log in and Install WordPress.Once done, you are Near to Successful Blogger

Step4: Now Start Installing WordPress For Blog In 2022

how to start blog in 2021

Congratulations!! you are now connected to Hosting + Domain.

Before writing to your first Blog, you need to install WordPress and change the Theme.

Here are steps to start Installing WordPress for a blog from scratch.

Step1: Login to your Bluehost Account
Enter domain name and Password to quick start.

Step2: Go to MY SITE. Bluehost create your Website automatically,you have to delete it by Clicking on three-dot(see Image)

start blog bluehost 2021

Click on Add site and follow the procedure

Step3: After Clicking on Add Site, Fill Website Name, TagLine, and set up the WordPress Username and Password.

These credentials will be used to login into the WordPress Admin Panel.

Step4: Select Domain from drop-down Menu and Uncheck the plugins.
Click on Next to proceed

remove plugin wordpress

Congratulations WordPress installed Successfully !!

Just hit the Login to WordPress Button to get into WordPress. You Can access WordPress Admin Panel by typing URL in this format yoursitename/wp-admin

Step5: After login to WordPress Admin Panel, You will see a page like below.

start blog 2021

To view, how your Website is looking, Click on the website name at the top left corner and hit on ViewSite.

Step5: Choose Good Appearance Theme

Want to Change the Theme of your website? just Click on Appearance from the sidebar and select the Theme option
Select one of the Themes and click on install.

Choose theme for wordpress blog

But is it a Good Theme for your blog? Most of the bloggers use GeneratePress theme But for you, Here are Free WordPress Theme that popular Blogger use it.

Theme Plays a huge role especially when you are starting a blog as a beginner in 2022.

It impacts the GUI and SEO Because users gets a good impression through your website Design.So why we compromise this thing lets Install the popular WordPress Theme.

Step6: Install Essential WordPress Plugins For New Blog

starting blog plugin 2021

What is Plugin?

The plugin is the script, written in the coding language that has the primary purpose of increasing the functionality of the Website/Blog.

When I was newbies I forgot to install these plugins But I Hope you won’t do this Mistake.
Some of the important plugins are

  • updraft plus
  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Akismet anti-spam
  • Elementor
  • Smush image compression

Step:7 Write Good Post And Publish It

Write good post for blog

Finally, you came to the step of Writing Content For your Blog. Go to the POST from the sidebar and Click on AddNew Post Button to create the first post.

Key Note: Remember your content are more powerful along with Design so focus on content because content defines value that your reader will get.

Worried about Grammer? Here is Grammer chrome extension.

Use it while writing the post, it will guide you to correct the wrong words and display the tone, trust, and optimistic of the sentence.

Focus 20% on content writing and 80% on promoting your blog, that’s the key to get the traffic.
Even if you have Good SEO enabled content but no traffic then it may take more time than expected to get results.

Initially, What new Blogger Does? They start creating more content but forgot to promote their Blog/Website.
Once you’ve built the content, focus on getting traffic from various sources and building audience.

Tips to promote The Blog/Website

  • Get traffic from social media
  • bring traffic from paid ads
  • Learn and Implement Master SEO
  • Use Web Analytics Tools
Measure success using Web Analytics

Got your website ready and Performing well? But how you come to know?

Answer is Web Analytics. Through Web Analytics you can measure how your blog is performing, helping in achieving goals.

you can do a complete analysis to determine the success or failure of the goal and drive strategy to improve user experience.

Which web analytics should we use?

The popular web analytics is Google Analytics which allows creating a full report of analysis including traffic sources, number of users, top pages, and Real-time user on the blog.

Google Analytics can be increated in WordPress Blog using the monster insight plugin

BONUS: Best Ways To Earn Money From Blog [Proven]

Are you interested to know how can I earn money from a Blog? If Yes Here it is

There are lots of methods to earn money from blogs, But I have mentioned some popular method that generates Big money.

Affiliate Marketing: You must have heard Affiliate Marketing, is the most popular and good source of income. In affiliate marketing, you have to promote the product/services of others, on each sale you will get the commission.
Key: More Sale, More earn
If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, you must go with it. For you here is the list of Affiliate marketing sites that provide the commission from 5% to 20% on each sale. The commission may vary based on their product/services.

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • Solvid Affiliate

Google Adsense: Another way to earn money is Google Adsense, it is the Advertisement platform where you can you register and allow them to show ads on your blog. Based on ad views and Click you earn.

If you want to earn money from Adsense you must have a good amount of traffic, Until unless you don’t have the traffic you won’t be able to earn money.
Recommendation: Only go with Adsense when you have Good traffic.

Selling Products: If you have a product such as T-shirt, shoes, and other electronic devices you can sell out via Blog.
But initially, you have to promote your Blog to aware users about your product.

Offering Service: Don’t have a product? don’t worry! Even if you have not any product to sell , you can provide services through your skill such as teaching, Doing SEO for Other and Designing Logo, etc.
you don’t have to spend even a single dollar to earn money.

BONUS: Essential WordPress Setting For SEO

Create Essential Pages(Home, About Us, Contact Us, Declaimer):Do you have core pages on your Blog/website?
if Yes, your Blog looks professional and you provide Good impact on the user. If you have not created Yet, you must create it. these pages are necessary to get the approval of google if you are applying for Adsense. Login to WordPress->Add New page

Set HomePage(Static): Homepage is the first page of your Blog/Website, which is displayed whenever the user visits via domain name only. If you don’t set the homepage user won’t be able to identify your first page.

After login go to Setting->static page->Home page to set the homepage

set home page in blog

Set Permalink: If you don’t set the permalink the chances of you page ranking will be low,because Google match the keyword also in URL.

In 2022 most of the newbies will forgot to update this setting when they will start blog, But for my reader I want to prevent them from this mistake. So Go to Setting->Permalink from wordPress and select the Post name option.

set permalink in wordpress

FAQ About How To Start Blog In 2022

How Much Cost Needed To Start Blog?

To start a blog you’ll require 3.25$ per month from Bluehost But I’ll recommend you to take a plan of two-three year plan to get a Discount.

Is Starting A Blog In 2022 Worth?

Yes! Because you also want to Earn Money like others by sharing thoughts or through small business & I’m sure you’ll start your blog journey in 2022. Here is the list of powerful reason to start a blog in 2022, Choose one of these and start the journey.

Can I Start A Blog For Free?

Yes! Though you can start with Free Blogging using the Blogger Platform. But I Don’t recommend it Because Blogger has a Limited feature. If you want to avail success in blogging and earn for a long time, Don’t Go for a Free Version for your Blog.

Can I Start a Blog On Mobile?

Yes, Only you can start! but won’t be able to make a successful blog. It is highly recommended to have a laptop to do Blogging.

How Much Money Can I Make Through Blogging?

After building a successful blog you can make money around 500$ to $10000 per month and even millions from blogging.

One Request: Making this post takes lots of effort and time so my one humble request is to please share it your social media plateform and give the contribution in building the quality content on Web.. Thank You ! Have A Great Blogging.

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