why student should create their own website

Top 7 Reasons Why Student Should Create Their Own Website?

Students’ life is an important stage where they gain knowledge in their chosen fields ,such as information technology ,medical ,engineering etc.

Along with all these, having a positive online presence is important in this competitive world and that students can achieve by creating a simple website.

In this post, we have come up with top reasons about “why student should create their own website ?

Learning web design allows students to add more skills to their resume even if that student doesn’t belong to the IT industry and these kinds of students are mostly coveted by employers.

you can also do freelancing job before landing to the full time job after college.

Table of Contents

1.Build Portfolio
2.Build a Personal Brand
3.Tell Your Unique Story
4.Become Creator
5.Build Community
6.Own Your Content
7.Improve Communication Skills

7 Reasons Why Students Should Create Their Own Website ?

1.Build Portfolio

Portfolio is a good way to represent the student’s artifacts,achievements,skills and other attributes.Keeping this portfolio online gives more accessibility and looks like actual evidence for your skills. 

Assume you like to do:

  • Draw images
  • Write story
  • Photography

For all these, you can represent the world using single websites and grow your life by recording these memorable moments for your future.

If you have a live website/blog , it can be a great point that can make you differ from others candidates in the job interview and the chances of your selection will be high for that job.

Recommended: if you’re an IT student then you must have a live website, where you can publish your ideas, problem solving skills and many more.

2.Build a Personal Brand

Students should start building their brand in this internet world by just taking domain name ,designing logos and some useful content that will make people’s lives easier.

Before doing this , discuss with your friends ,do some research before creating a brand new website.

You will be sharing your skills in the form of a product ,services that will solve the others problem. Your brand will be known based on the services that you’ll offer to people, that’s how you’ll build a brand or business.

3.Tell Your Unique Story

During your student life, you learn and explore many things. All your knowledge and explorations can be shared to the people all around the world by creating a simple website.

Most of the people search “How to” questions on Google search,if your website comes in the search result then you’ll not only bring change in their life but also build a community.

In addition to this, you’ll drive massive traffic on your site that you can monetize using Google Adsense and build one of the passive income sources.

4.Become Creator

Do you know becoming a creator is a lucrative career? There is huge demand in the industry for creators and companies are ready to pay a crazy amount.

Once you create your first website,you’ll touch the road map to become a creator.

When you create your own content, you become one of the content producers , whereas other students who are consuming the resources, they are just consumers.

5.Build Community

Using your website, you can build a community specific to your blog/website niche. Through this community you can show yourself ,build social connections with them and this will take your brand to the next level.

By building the community you provide a medium to support the people as well as you can take inputs from them to improve your brand and provide better services to your people.

6.Own Your Content

When you build some content on your website,it will make you feel ownership of your content. You might be using some other platform to publish your content.

But wait ! 

What if that platform shuts down today? You have to say goodbye to your entire content.

7.Improve Communication skills

Another good reason for why students should create their own website is to improve their communication skills before landing to a job.

When you start putting your thoughts in the form of writing a blog, your communication skills improve day by day and also it makes you feel more confident.

You’ll be able to present your ideas in a more clarity and concise way. Communication skills are really required for the student to present their presentation,expression,writing and vocabulary etc.

When you design your first website,you start to communicate with people,do research,designing ,implementing SEO, robots,crawler and many more.

FAQ About Why Student Should Create Their Own Website?

Shuould Student Create Their Own Website?

Yes ! Especially if you are a computer science student then you must have your own live website.that will be really helpful to represent your thought, projects as evidence to the people.

How Much Cost Required to Create Single Website?

If you’re just starting a personal blog , then its cost will be around $20 to $30 yearly.It can vary depending up on which Hosting and domain you choose.

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