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Blog Description: Writing Tips To Get More Click[ Example]

Do you know the importance of Blog description to get more clicks? Here are tips to write a standout blog description that greatly describe your blog & make it to rank. Directly jump to write blog description now!

When a user searches on Google, the SERP results consist of the blog’s title and description.

Blog or post description is a short summary about blog or post that appears in the SERP result. Blog description describes the content of the blog which helps users to identify the relevant content.

In General, there are two types of description for a blog/Website

  • Blog Description: Short summary about the blog(Basically what it does and renders?
  • Post/Page Description: Piece of text describing post/page content. Google examines the page content based on post description

Want to rank your blog in top 10 results? If yes thats possiable using eye catching blog description and great content.

blog description will drive more traffic and your page content will make the people stay for longer time. spending more time of visitor gives positive signal to page ranker and keep your blog at the top of SERP.

Benefits Of Reading This Article

  1. You’ll get to know about blog description,blog’s post description and importance in getting traffic.
  2. You’ll get to how to write the blog description with good example.
  3. and lastly optimizing the blog description

How To Write Blog Descriptions? [Tips]

Through blog description, users understand what your website does and what services it provides?

if you want to write an effective blog description, identify the following

  1. Identify the domain of website(Category of Website)
  2. List the services of website/blog provides
  3. Expertise area
  4. Show Social endorsements

Don’t Worry, Check The Blog Description Example

Here is the list of website that has a good amount of blog description.

Read once these example, Try to identify your blog description through these websites.


Why It’s Good: Because they are focusing on what services provide to the users(Learning) and specify who are the client for them.


Why it’s Good: As amazon is a E-commerce website,its description is telling about what it sell to the customer(i.e electronics,software).


beststandout blog description

Why It’s Good:Because it is telling about content on this website for user and keywords “Earn money” adding curosity to the user to check out the blog.


Why It’s Good: Because everyone wants Fitness with equipment or without, so it adds a good point for the user to check Blog for Weight loss and Weight gain.


blog description example

Why It’s Good: Because they are talking about the Financial expertise they have and telling how money can be saved intelligently. As everybody wants to save money so they will check this Blog.

Tools To Write Blog Description [Verified]

If your website hosted on WordPress, there are different third party plugin that provides features of adding blog description and post description.

the popular one is Yoast SEO.

1.Adding blog description using Yoast SEO Plugin

  • open Yoast SEO setting
  • Click on title &meta to enter the description, Finally save changes.
yoast seo blog description

Page/Post Description

  • open page/post in the editor
  • Scroll down and click on edit snippet to enter title and description(you can use it for setting homepage description)

How To Optimize The Blog’s Description?

When you optimize blog description, the impression s of your website go high and ultimately increase traffic.

So how to optimize it?

  • Step #1 find out the keywords that relate to your website services and include it
    in the blog’s description.
  • Step #2 include actionable words with your main keyword.
  • Step #3 at the end of the description put Call to action word such as click now
    and free download

Note: Don’t repeat your target keyword too many times otherwise keyword stuffing penality occures.

How To Write Blog’s Post Descriptions?

While writing the blog post description your focus should be on the current post instead of what the whole website does? It is most similar to the blog description.

Adding a blog’s post description will look like the below picture if you are using the Yoast SEO plugin.

write blog description in yoast seo

You must include the following things in post meta description:

  • 1 Include target keyword
  • 2 The description must relate to the post title( Page is talking about what topic)
  • 3 Add actionable text(i.e Free download,Earn now)

Tips To Master In Writing Blog Post Description{Example}

  • Add Call To Action: The main advantage of using Call To action is to increase the CTR, which makes the user click on your site than anything else.
  • Focus On Main Keyword: According to your current post, include the main keyword in the post description
  • Short and Crisp: Your post description should be of 160 characters, that enough should be able to describe POST.
  • Use Long Tail Keyword: Try a long-tail keyword instead of a short tail keyword, On a long-tail keyword, a small keyword will be automatically ranked
  • Use LSI Keywords: Use LSI keyword to get a boost in traffic because It signals the content relevancy.
  • Include Site Title: Many times user fails to identify the site name that he visited, so If you include the Site Title user will revisit your site even if your site appears lower in SERP.

Difference Between Blog Description and Blog Post Description

Are you confused between the Blog and Blog Post Description? Here’s how it Differ.

difference between blog nd post description

Blog Description talk about Summary Of Your Site, basically what content it provides?
and Blog Post Description gives the overview of a single article/Post. In Blog Post Description area is concerned with the current page only.

Q&A About Blog Description

How do I write a description for my blog?

Based on your website Niche(Content), write your blog description, for that use third-party plugin such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

What are the example of Blog Description?

Above blog description example you can refer to Udemy, Digital Photography School, shoutmeloud to get clear about Blog Description.

What should be the length of Blog Description & Blog Post Description?

It is highly recommended to keep your description length up to 320 characters and blog post Description length of 160 characters.
If you include a higher length, it may be ignored by Google.

How do you write short Description?

Tips to write a short description is to include the main keyword, call to action words and make sure it matches with page content.
Always begin with powerful words, that encourage the user to read more and hit on your link.

Can I copy others Blog Descriptions?

Yes! you can But, I will recommend modifying it as per your blog to make it unique.

Now It’s Your Turn to Write Great Blog Description. Best Of Luck👍😃

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