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Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which Is More Profitable? [Review Guide]

Hey! Want to generate passive income but confused in AdSense vs Affiliate marketing? In this post, I shared about which is more profitable and easy to grab each opportunity.

Do you know the 90% of bloggers are using either Adsense or affiliate marketing for their passive income source? So why you not?

But a little question arises?

Which is more profitable Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

You will be surprised to know that affiliate marketing makes 10x more income than Adsense. Don’t believe just check the Earning reports.

After viewing this report, you can decide which can be the best option for you to earn money.

No Question! it is clear that Affiliate marketing provides more money than Adsense But which best fit for you? .

After reading this post “Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing” you will be able to choose which income source is best for me.

Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which Makes More Money?

Adsense is an advertising platform where your earn by showing ads on a website whereas affiliate marketing generates money based on the commission of each product sale.

If you want to increase earnings in Google Adsense, boost the cost per click(CPC) whereas to increase the earning in Affiliate marketing, the commission should be high.

When To Choose Adsense Over Affiliate Marketing?

1.Fastest and Easy Option

if you are newbies in blogging, you can start with Adsense to make money. Getting Adsense approval is quite easy only the thing is basic Adsense requirement should be fulfilled.

Want to get Adsense approval in first apply? you can read this post.

2.Best option for the micro-website/blogs

Earning from Adsense takes less effort than affiliate marketing So even if you have a micro-website you can earn money from Adsense.

This is a good reason to choose Adsense over affiliate marketing

3.Don’t require special skill or expertise

If we compare AdSense with affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing requires more good skills.

There are different affiliate marketing site available among which you can select but a popular one is amazon that provides commissions up to 10% to 20%.

These skills are related to the following:

  • Choose correct product and audience
  • Creativity and marketing technique
  • Data analysis for insight
  • more.

But in case of AdSense, you don’t require special skills to earn money.

4.Should have good amount of traffic

No doubt you can earn $1000 from AdSense but must have good traffic. For 1000 traffic on the website Adsense pays around $6 but varies from country to country.

So you can think how much traffic I’ll need to get a huge income.

When to Choose Affiliate Marketing Over Adsense?

There are lots of benefits of choosing affiliate marketing over Adsense. lets see when you can go for affiliate marketing.

1.Less Traffic

Even if you are not getting huge traffic, you can gain more money than adsense. When someone clicks on ads, google pays around $2 to $10 whereas in Affiliate marketing the more sales,more money.

2.Don’t Have Own Product

Affiliate marketing is a great idea to make money even if you don’t have our own product,thats the advantage of Affiliate marketing. You have just have to register with one of the affiliate website ,get Approved and start promoting their product to earn commissions.

3.When You Have A Good Relationship with Merchant

If you are in contact of your merchant, you can promote their product. once you start building relationship your network will be strong with other merchant also.

The more merchant you gain the more affiliate product you will be able to sale

But, how you are going to promote?

there are various source of promoting the affiliate product the popular one is by starting a blog. When someone wants informtion about anything they come to Google, so chooing the Blog/website is the best way to promote the products.

4.Should Have Good Niche

For getting the approval of Adsense , every post of your blog should have minimum of 500 words But there is no criteria in Affiliate marketing.

Even if you have a micro niche you can start Affiliate marekting But make sure you provide the Good niche and complete information about product to user.

Providing the complete information establises the trust between your website and user. When the trust is build the chances of getting conversion will be high.

5.Knowledge About SEO

To success in Affiliate marekting you must have the Knowledge of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). If you know SEO you can win the Game of Affiliate Marketing and be the one online marketer.

Why we need SEO? you need SEO to rank your post or article on Google first page. When your post starts appearing on google’s first page you will start getting organic traffic.

Even if you get low organic traffic the chances of buying your affiliate products will be high becuase they will be your potential customer

FAQ About Adsense VS Affiliaate Marketing

Can I use AdSense and affiliate?

Yes! But it is going to impact on the earning of the Affiliate marketing, If visiter coming to your blog and clicking on ads instead of buying product, you are in loss. It is highly recommended , Do not use Both Adsense and Affiliate.

Which one is better between affiliate marketing and AdSense?

Both are Good ! if you have low traffic,skills to sell the product then you must go with Affiliate marketing or else Go Adsense if you don’t have any special skill.

Which type of website is best for AdSense?

The best website for Adsense is blog,news, forum site, Online tool site where you can place your ads and starts earning money. If you observe the news site ,ads placed at the bottom of fixed size.

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