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Top 10 Keywords Terminology For SEO You Must Know

Are you New to SEO and Want to Know about keywords terminology for SEO(Search engine optimization)? then this article is made for you.

If you are a beginner for starting SEO for your website then you will find these keywords terminology useful for doing SEO.

What Does SEO Mean in Blogging?

Before diving into the SEO keyword terminology, understand what SEO means in Blogging and how it affects ranking on a Search engine?

SEO is a step-by-step process to optimize the website content to be discovered on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Building SEO makes you to a thing from user-perfective to win the game of SEO from your competitor.

Top 10 Keywords Terminology For SEO.

1.Title Tag

Keywords terminology for SEO

The title tag is an HTML tag that represents the title of the page. The title appears on the browser tab is the title tag.

When people search on the browser, it returns a number of page titles along with meta descriptions.

For SEO point of you, the Title tag is important to rank a page on Google, so make sure it should be short and impressive.

2.Meta Description

The meta description tag describes the page in a short length. the browser identifies the page content using the meta description.

Your meta description tag and title tag must relate to the same subject.

The main aim of the Meta description tag increases the chances of click-through rate(CTR) when the user reads it.

Your meta description should be a call to action, which means when users read it his/her action should click on your link.


Keyword” is a word that describes the content on the page(POST) and used by the user to search related content on the browser.

Single keyword may consist of more than one word that derives traffic to your website.

4.On-page SEO

If you do the SEO on Page or Article then it is On-Page SEO. In On-page SEO you optimize the content according to focus keyword to rank on google.

On-Page SEO includes the following

  • Using the focus keyword
  • Optimizing heading
  • Image optimization
  • Optimize SEO title and Meta Description

5.”Off-page” SEO Keyword Terminology

Off-Page SEO is also termed as Off-Site SEO where you do SEO for your page through external sources. As an Example, Getting backlink of your page from others.

When you get the backlink from other site Google thinks that this website has the authority and increase the chances of ranking. Off-Page SEO is an external action taken for our website which results in Off-Site SEO.


SERP is one of the keywords terminologies for SEO and it stands for the search engine result page. If you have observed while searching on Google anything, It returns the number of the page which is found the best match. this best match is SERP.

7.Sitemap Terminology for SEO

Do you know what is sitemap on your website? In general, it is an XML file that contains the pages list of your award-winning website.

In this XML file, the XML tag is used to represent the page title and its URL and more.

After building the pages or writing an article, you may want this to appear on the google search engine.

If you want to display the website on google then you just need to submit this XML file to Google search console.

A sitemap can be glossary keyword terminology for SEO and plays an important role in the search results of pages.

8.CTR(Click Through Rate)

In Keywords terminology list of SEO CTR is a measure term that stands for click-through rate. As names suggest “click”. Click rate is the counting of Click on advertiser ads.

For example: You may have seen the advertisements for Sale, Discount Admission Mobile Phone on the website. When you click on these ads,it is counted. The more click you get, CTR rate increases


If your website are resulting on google search and people are seeing it then it is consider as “impressions“.

You can check the impression on Google search console and identify how many of them clicked in a few steps.

10.Internal & Outbound link in SEO

When your create link in your website pages which points to your Website pages,it becomes the internal link.If you using other website page link in your pagges or article then it is called as Outbound link.

Advance keywords Terminology For SEO

Learning small range of SEO skills is essential but to succeed in this Digital marketing through knowledge and practice of keywords terminology is necceary.

Robots.txt File in SEO

Robot.txt” file is responisble to tell the search engine about what to crawl on the website and not.

You may never want to compromise and show the credential information of your website such as login(username), admin etc.

It is recommended to you that “Do not change any configuration in robots.txt File”

“Organic Search result” in SEO keywords terminology

“Organic search results” is a list of result that appears on Google using the specific keyword. In general, these results come after the paid keyword.

Conclusion Of Keywords Terminology For SEO

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