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15+ Most Profitable Online Businesses In 2023 [Low Investment]

Are you stuck in 10-6 hours job? Here I shared most profitable online businesses that are booming now and has opened new opportunity for everyone.

You already can see that the future is becoming more and more digital. People are spending more time on digital devices and consume more resources because of easy availability.

So if you are not taking advantage of these,you’re missing big opportunity.

Benefits Of Reading This Post

  • You’ll get 15+ most lucrative online businesses that requires low investment
  • You’ll get some bonus tips to start your online business
  • And many more

Here is the list of 15+ most profitable online businesses that you can start with very low investment

  1. Blogging
  2. Training
  3. Affiliate Marketing Business
  4. Selling Digital Products
  5. Freelancing Business
  6. Monetize your Photos
  7. Teach Online
  8. Printing Design On T-shirt
  9. Start Consulting Business
  10. Amazon FBA
  11. Digital Influencer
  12. Start SEO Business
  13. Podcast
  14. Website Flipping Business
  15. Domain Investing
  16. Chatbot Business
  17. Social Media Marketer


Blogging business

Blogging is a good profession where you can guide others by writing content in a specific niche and earn money in 6 figures. The best part of blogging is ,it requires low investment and individually can be started. 

Well, what you need to start blogging as beginner?

You simply need good web hosting and WordPress to start your blogging journey which costs around $2 to $5 per month. Onwards it’s up to you whether to write content on your own or outsource it.

Blogging can be carried out in multiple niches but it is recommended to focus on a single niche in which you are more interested and have more knowledge about it.

In order to succeed in blogging, you must have to learn SEO, better content creation and marketing as well. What I believe is that, until you start your own blog, you can’t understand blogging because it requires practice that will give real exposure to Blogging.

Blogging is a good career option which is booming now, so I highly recommend you to start it without leaving your job. Most of the people ask whether blogging can be carried out with a job? Answer is yes, you can give 2-3 hours daily to your blog and build one of the profitable online business sources.


Training online business

People are realizing that getting training in a specific field is more good than just getting a degree for dignity.

It is good when people learn something from others’ experience that helps them to avoid mistakes that others have did. 

You can observe, that E-platform are booming now in the market and this is good and most profitable online business you can start in 2023.

You can kickstart your online training business by creating the batch of limited students and start taking the training session.Later you can build some premium courses and sell them.

Definitely, you may have noticed that many digital courses are running in the market like digital marketing, SEO experts, affiliate marketing and many more.

As this is an online business,so you don’t need to worry about location, extra rent charges for room etc.You can opt for popular mediums like zoom, goto webinar for your training session.

How To Start An Online Training Business?

Interested Area: Before starting a training session your area of interest must be identified. It can be related to any subject like Blogging, Affiliate marketing, fitness guide ,programming etc.

Know your Audience: According to the subject chosen , identify who will be your audience that you’ll target. If you select good audience then your conversation will be more 

Prepare Good Content: Content is king. Double check your content to verify that it is professional, complete, informative and easy to understand. This is a crucial step where your training program can be successful or failed.

Do Marketing: Good !, If you have built your training program. Now do the marketing for your training program in an attractive way like a big discount, buy 1 get 1 free etc.

Grow your Training online business: Launch more courses, hire experts to teach, increase more batches and increase earning potential.

3.Affiliate Marketing Business

affiliate marketing profitable business

Affiliate marketing is a good model to promote the other’s products and earn money on each successful sale.

In affiliate marketing, you recommend any product to your audience, if they buy it then you earn commission which can vary from 5% to 50% based upon the type of product. This is how you earn money from affiliate marketing and believe me guys, if you’re interested in this field, you must try out instead of regretting later.

Earning Potential: I’m sure you don’t have any ideas about affiliate marketing earning potential. It has the potential to generate $50000 per month. Yes ! $50000 per month.( Gb report) .

In 2007 when Jeremy Schoemaker started ebay affiliate marketing and topped in top 50 affiliate marketing blog. if we see their five years earning it was around  $4,000,000

 How Can You Start An Affiliate Marketing Career?

Want to start affiliate marketing? If yes good decision. You can join marketing sites like Amazon associate, ShareAsale which allows you to promote their products and offer commission.

Here is the simple step to start earning good money from affiliate marketing.

1) According to your blog or website, Identify the product and company that you want to promote. You can go with reputable marketing sites like ShareAsale, Amazon associate etc. 

These marketing sites allow you to connect with affiliate networks (merchants) and from there you’ll get affiliate links. Through this link if any purchases the product you’ll make a successful commission.

2) Once you find company ,signup over there and complete the simple steps

3) Once signup completed,you’ll get affiliate link,banner etc 

4) Copy the affiliate link and place it where you want to promote the product like on (blog/website)

5)When someone purchases the product through this link, you earn money. All the statistics can be checked by logging into your affiliate account.

4.Selling Digital Products

selling digital products online business

Another best profitable online business is selling digital products and it is booming now because people are doing huge shopping online.

And it will be increasing day by day, so it has good scope in future also. 

You may have seen people selling e-books ,Wordpress themes, photos and many more. Before creating your own digital product, market research is essential to know what people are hungry for.

Only need to start your e-commerce store which can be created using wordpress, Shopify etc to sell your products. This will help you to build your own brand in the market, although it takes time but results are huge profit.

” Try with producthunt to know the most voted category & choose Interested product.”

If you don’t want to build your own ecommerce store,market it,you can join other’s storesl and sell your products. For example: if you have wordpress theme to sell out, you can join  marketplace like envato, Shopify themes 

This is the quickest way to make money online,most of the people are doing this and generating a good amount of money by just publishing their products.

Is investment Required: Yes, all you have to do proper research ,spend time on building quality products.

If you’re planning to use Shopify platform, you have to pay for that to use a full-fledged e-commerce service and even to start your own e-store you need to spend money on web hosting, buying domain and themes etc.

Huge Earning Potential: Once you publish the products ,you will earn unlimited throughout the year by investing one time.

Types Of Products That I Can Sell

  1. E-books/republication: Pdf books are mostly preferred by users, selling your knowledge, experience through pdf books is a good way to make money.
  2. Selling Online Courses: Make a recorded class and sell it online through popular platforms like Teachable, Podia. If you do this business, YouTube can be another method to promote your paid courses and build your own audience.
  3. Saas products: Dealing in SaaS products is the most profitable online business because it provides up to 50% commission on selling of products. It includes coding, developing Apps ,websites and many more. You can develop your own software and sell it online.

How start selling digital products on your own online store?

  • To start your own store, first you need a domain and good hosting provider that will make store 24/7 hours live.
  • For domain NameCheap, GoDaddy is widely preferred and for hosting ,you can try Hostinger to setup your online store.
  • Now install WordPress ,as it requires less setup and is widely preferred by users to start a quick online business.

5.Freelancing Business

Freelancing most profitable online business

Have you heard Freelancing word? Freelancing is an incredible choice to make money though online business because it services are limited to simply writing.

Through Freelancing you can do Photography,video editor,Apps development ,graphic designing and many more.

To get started with freelancing, signup on top Freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. 

Based on your interest, skills you offer service to others and get paid. Once you Become successful freelancer, you’ll start getting offer, proposal from many company.

How To Quick Start With Freelancing Business?

Choose Niche: Identify your niche in which you’re interested and have skills like logo designer, translate,app development, photography etc. Choose a niche in which you are more confident.

Sign-up On Website: Get registered on Freelancing site and make your online presence to offer more service.

Mention Your Price: According to the service you offer, determine your decent price to get more jobs.

Provide Quick Response: Complete your job on time with a quick response without compromising quality because it affects your rating.

6.Monetize Your Photos

Monetize photos online business

One of the good ideas to start a profitable online business (if you have a camera) is selling your photos? There are various kinds of photos you can sell like food photos, commercial photos, travel photos, health photos by licensing them.

If you want to build your own photo store then create a WordPress site first, install WooCommerce and set up your photos in minutes.

Starting your own store is good way to build own brand.

7.Teach Online

teaching profitable online business

Teaching is one of the money making online business which you start from home and earn $millions. According to researcher online learning industry will grow worth  $325 billion by 2025

Successful online courses make you popular worldwide,plus generate huge money from this online business.

Main advantage of teaching online is independent location, more audience ,big earning and easy measuring success.

8.Printing Design On T-shirt

t-shirt designing business

One of lucrative business ideas is selling printed t-shirts which is constantly more in demand. Customers are willing to pay a good amount for the attractive or trending design on t-shirts.

Apart from printing your own design, you can ask customers to print their designs for a good amount.

Keynote: Selling printed t-shirt business requires good investment so this option is good for those who are on budget.

9.Start Consulting Business

consulting online business

Do you like to coach? If Yes, Consulting is a good option to make a lucrative online business by providing more knowledge to grow their business.

Before starting with consultation service, you must be equipped with full knowledge in that field. You get paid by sharing your knowledge with others to grow their business. 

The Consulting can be one of the following

  • Account Consultant
  • SEO consultant
  • Fitness Consultant
  • Career counseling
  • Business & tax consultant
  • Real estate consultant 
  • Social media consultant

Why Consultant Are Required For Business?

  1. Consultant are required to provide knowledge to company 
  2. Consultant helps to grow business and revenue
  3. They helps to reduce the business cost and also hired to influence people
  4. They provide ways to improve and scale core business solutions.

With online Consulting, earning potential is $400 to $500 per hour and produces good income if you deal with more clients.

To start your online consultancy business, list down your expertise on professional website and build your connection on professional social media like linkedIn to get clients and make online presence.

10.Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon) is profitable and growing online business which can generate $40000 per month (See Spencer Haws Earning)

In this online business you buy cheap products from wholesale sellers and sell them to Amazon at high prices.

First you have to find a niche from Amazon FBA,you can use SemRush,junglescout to research products.

Once you determine a niche, find a private label product supplier (example Alibaba).

Required Investment: To get started with this lucrative online business Amazon account registration, inventory etc steps required. So all these arrangement costs around $2000 to $3000. 

To know more see StartupBrows Guide.

11.Digital Influencer

Digital influencer most profitable online business

Digital influencers are dominating the online market by producing the contents at his/her channel with a huge following on social media.

Influencers are the experts in the particular field like SEO optimizer, Products marketing,Fitness etc and they charge a good amount for their service.

Many influencer are tied with company to promote their business, products etc. so it is best online business to start

Quick overview about how a digital influencer actually  earns money by doing tasks.

Digital influencers earn money based on their followers in social media platforms. If you have a good subscriber on YouTube you can run promotional ads and charge based on it’s length. 

If you have a good following on instagram,your earning criteria will be CPM(cost per thousand impression). Most users having 100k earn between 5k to 10k based on sponsored ads.

Top platform that digital influencers choose to promote business ads and earn money.

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

12.Start SEO Business

SEO lucrative online business

SEO is one of the trending, profitable online businesses and will grow in future rapidly. This is the golden opportunity for those who run their business through websites.

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to optimize the content and make the website rank on Google to drive more traffic, more clicks and more conversations.

E-commerce platforms, publications, businesses need SEO to grow rapidly and make online presence. If SEO experts have good potential to earn money for their service.

If anyone needs to promote their website, SEO experts are needed so you can understand how much SEO experts are in demand.

Do we require investment in SEO experts? 

Yes ! Tools help SEO experts to analyze the website and these tools are paid so you need to buy it before use. 

Popular tools: SemRush, Ahref, etc.

SEO experts can easily achieved $1000 per month (See Daryl Rosser case study)

How To Start An SEO Business Online?

Start SEO business online with some useful paid tool, if you’re planning to start with team then you can hire experts (US based SEO experts recommended)

For good SEO experts ,you may need to pay an average $100-$200 per hour.


podcasting online business

Before 2020 , Podcasts were not taken seriously as a profession. Now this has become the most profitable online business and it will be worth $1 billion in the podcast industry.

For those who don’t know about Podcast: In simple terms Podcast is audio base-files embedded with audit information that gives an easy and engaging way to share content among the audience.

How does the listener access the Podcast?

Multiple options available to access the Podcast via Spotify,Apple Podcast and BuzzSprout.

Glory of Podcast is that  it can be about anything, because of this it opens a big opportunity to anyone who wants to start Podcast.

Benefits of Doing Podcast

There are numerous benefits of doing Podcasts like increased website traffic, Global connection with audience, good earning.

Check Success Story: MFA Writes Podcast.

As in this world nothing is free,so you need to invest some money in software,tools to start Podcasts. In general it can cost around $500.

AskPat earning reports says, Pat Flyn has made $3,389 in December 2017.

Quick Guide To Start Podcast In 2023?

Start your first Podcast and make it special.Here is a simple guide to quickly launch your Podcast.

1) Podcast Niche: If you’re maintaining a blog you may have heard about niche, so in Podcast also there are different niches, based on your interest and knowledge pick the best.

Popular examples of niche are Fitness, Digital marketing, Blogging, Finance, education etc.

If you have expertise in the education niche,start your Podcast and make history in Podcasting.

2)Name Your Podcast: Choose a good name for your Podcast that should be short,easy to remember and type.

3)Tools Required To Start Podcast: To start with Podcast use quality microphone and software to edit the audio.

Experts recommended to go with paid software tools which offer more features than free software. Even if you want to start with free software then a popular one is Audacity to record, edit and publish it.

4) Publish Your Podcast: Ready your Podcast? Now it’s time to upload on top Avenue like Apple Podcast, Spotify and BuzzSprout.

Choose according to your budget and continue it by providing high value content to users that makes you grab more audience and build deeper trust.

14.Website Flipping Business

website flipping online business

You’ll be surprised to know that people are making good money by just doing website flipping. In website flipping, basically what they do is, they acquire good sites, upgrade them and sell it on higher prices. 

Instead of doing this you can create websites in bulk, grow it, then sell it on higher price. 

Who can start Website Flipping?

Website flipping businesses can be started individually but to succeed faster it is recommended to hire SEO experts and content writers.

As it involves marketing, you should be polite, a good negotiator and have excellent intuition with some patience.

How to reach a website owner to buy it?

Simple way to reach them is to visit their site and email them with good content.

Where to sell websites?

There are multiple domain brokers like Flippa,EmpireFlippers etc. Reason to contact domain brokers is that they already have a good connection with the website buyer.

Is website Flipping requires Investment?

Only you need a domain name and hosting to start this fascinating online business which costs around $50.

15.Domain Investing

Domain reselling online business

Domain investing (Domain Reselling) is the most lucrative online business that everyone can easily do. Many bloggers do this and results are in thousands of dollars per month.

In Domain Investing you buy domain at cheap price and sell it later on high price.Domain name looks like BestStandOut.com

Example: You have purchased a domain from NameCheap or GoDaddy and after one year if you want to sell this domain you can sell it with high prices.

Do you know CarInsurence.com was sold $49.7 million?

The value of domain name depends upon various factors like

  • Domain Age
  • Domain Traffic
  • Domain Niche

Most of the companies buy the domain for their website according to their business, so they are ready to pay a handsome amount for the domain. 

How to Start Domain Investing Online Business?

First list your domain for sale on a marketplace like GoDaddy Auction, Sedo etc.

Put “Domain For Sale” Message on home page to grab more buyer.

16. Chatbot Online Business

Chatbot online buinsess

Chatbot is more in demand and a high profit making online business that is booming now. You might have seen on most of the websites where you can talk with bot to resolve your query.

The benefits of ChatBot is that it is available 24/7 hours, Quick resolve , handle more customers ,easy to use and cost effective.

Many business tasks are getting automated with the help of Bbot that reduces human effort and produces more productivity.

How can you make money from Bot Online Business?

There are two types of Chatbot. Rule based and Smart Based Chatbot that you can create using programming language or Low code platform(No programming required) and sell it online to make money.

Important : To do any online business, your online presence is required where people can find you so it is highly recommended to create a professional website before starting any online business.

How to Start a Chatbot Online Business From Scratch?

Here I mentioned some necessary s-teps to develop a Chatbot that can solve problems and make profit for your business.

  • Identify Type Of ChatBot To Develop: Before creating the Chatbot first identify the purpose and for whom to build. In today’s business requirement FAQ Chatbots are in huge demand that helps the client to resolve their query. 
  • Integration Point: Before building a Chatbot, Identify through which you’ll be integrating with it. It may be WebApp, Mobile Apps(WhatsApp) etc.
  • Choose Platform: When you know the customer problem, you can easily choose the platform to build Bot. The popular way to build Bot is Python which requires programming skill .Even if you don’t know the programming you can build it without coding by using Chatbot Platform
  • Build Your Bot: At this step you design the Bot logic, workflow and many more.
  • Test Bot: After building your Bot, perform a complete test before final launch. If any bug is found you can resolve it at the same time.
  • List to Sell: Now it’s time to list your Bot on the website, from where the client can purchase it. Please make sure you also provide proper documentation for that.

17.Become Social Media Marketer

social media marketer

Social media has become an essential key to reach the target customer and most businesses don’t have enough time to handle their social media because of multiple messages coming day by day.

Here your role comes, you can handle their social media by sitting at your home and charge a good amount of money.

Conclusion Of Most Profitable Online Businesses

After reading the 15+ lucrative online businesses, definitely you would have found one of those online business that best fits for you. If you found these online business ideas please comment which is most popular and you’ll prefer to start.

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