How To Use SEMrus To Get 10X Website Traffic[Complete Guide & Review]

Do you want to know how to use SEMrush to get 10X website traffic? then this post is going to help you? In this post, we are going to see fundamental of SEMrush.

It’ll assist you in keyword research, content marketing, and exploration of digital marketing to grow business.

AN intelligent SEO marketer uses the SEO tool just like SEMrush to understand the market and take a correct decision.

How To Use SEMrus To Get 10X Website Traffic[Complete Guide & Review]

Blogger, Content creator is now becoming smart using an SEO tool that expands business to the next level.

The top advantage of reading this post

  • You’ll be able to know how to use SEMrush Freely
  • How I can increase website traffic in a few weeks?
  • How much content should we write in the article to rank on Google?
  • Ad many more

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a trending tool for analyzing that enables the Blogger, content marketer to derive more traffic who is lacking in SEO knowledge.

SEMrush keeps eys on a popular domain(URL) to identify the distinct information such as Keyword and landing page.

In addition, it helps you to play the game of SEO with a complete analysis of the competitor. If you are a beginner in digital marketing then SEMrush will act as digital marketing assistance.

Why Use SEMrush?

The big question: why use SEMrush?

With the increase of competition day by day, Use of SEMrush becomes essential to invoke the result of success in business.

Blindly doing content marketing is worthless, So it highly recommended to use the SEMrush tool to bring the business next level.

Let’s dive into the use of SEMrush

Use SEMrush for Competitive Research

Want to analyze the competitor’s weakness to get success? then SEMrush enables you to do that.

SEMrush tools enable you to identify the mistake of the competitor and use this as an opportunity to get success.

The following are the characteristics of SEMrush.

  • Position Tracking of competitor
  • Traffic analysis
  • Backlink of Competitor

Position Tracking of competitor

In the first of the competitor analysis, identify the position report of the competitor website. Enter the target domain, select the country, and search it.

Position Tracking Report of competitor

Check the statistical information that includes the Ranking keyword, Traffic, cost, and more.

You can jump to another country to see the statistical data from tab

Competitor Organic Traffic

In the above Graph, most traffic is deriving from India country 3 million and so on. Google indicators show the dates of Google Algorithm differences that affect ranking.

Organic Traffic: Traffic which is getting from Search Engine such as Google,

Paid Search Traffic: Paid Search Traffic will be counted when the user clicks on an advertisement of a website or sponsorship. You can check the results in Google search containing Ad keyword and link.

Display Advertising: Display advertising shows a count of the number of running advertisements.

Organic Keyword: The keyword which drives traffic to your website is called as Organic keyword.

Example: User types “How to do Competitive digital marketing” on the Search engine and user click on your website among the results. So this keyword becomes your organic keyword.

Top Organic Keyword of competitor

Traffic Analysis

What do we want from our website? revenue but it can’t be achieved without traffic.

Traffic Analysis becomes essential to get information about Traffic sources of a competitor.

Identifying Competitor Backlinks

Backlinks is a significant signal for Google when you get it from trusted industry that helps to build your domain authority. Imagine if you identify the competitor backlink sources, it will be easy to compete with competitor.

Just tap on the backlink analytics, enter the competitor domain and hit enter. Result comprises total backlinks , website authority score, total ranking keywords and many more.

Finding Backlink Gap

SemRush backlink gap allows you to unlink the gaps you don’t have compared to your competitor. It enables you to compare 5 website at a time by focusing their backlink profile.

backlink gap analysis in semrush

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