Every Blogger Must Follow The Article Life Cycle (ALC)

Writing a new article is essential in blogging, along with that  a blogger must update his/her old article. 

This makes your blogs content fresh and makes a good impression in the eyes of Google. But let’s say if you have thousands or more it will be more difficult to manage, in that case bloggers need ALC( Article Life Cycle).

ALC talks about article details such as article code, published date, Author, length of article,title of article and many more.

Here is the article life cycle structure that every blogger must follow

article life cycle

Article code: This is the unique code that uniquely identifies a particular article.

Published Date: Date in which article published on blog

Author: Name of the author who has written the post. This is an essential field when you have multiple authors. Don’t forget to mention their name or social profile on the website so that the user can connect with them. Credit must be given to all authors.

Article Title: Write post title here.

Length: Length of article when published

Approved By: Name of the person who approved the article to publish after thoroughly checking post.

Last Updated: Date of last updated of article

Updated Content: Here you’ll be mentioning what new content you added in article. This helps the blogger to remember what they modified last time.

Status: Status you can define either ok or check. You can define some formula to make the row background color red. This helps you to pay the attention on highlighted row.

Once you started following the article life cycle your site ranking will be increased and you’ll be able to manage blog’s article efficiently.

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