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Top 10 Adsense Approval Questions For Adsense Lover & Seeker

Hi ! Want to see the top 15 Adsense approval questions that are asked by millions of people? These Adsense questions are essential for those who are wishing to monetize their blog using Adsense and soon to apply for approval.

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  • You’ll get top Adsense question for quick Adsense approval.
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Table Of Content

  1. Who Can Use Adsense To Earn Money?
  2. Can I Use Adsense & Others Advertising Platform Simultaneously ?
  3. How To Get Fast Adsense Approval ?
  4. What Google Checks  For Adsense Approval ?
  5. Can I Use Adsense & Affiliate Marketing Simultaneously ?
  6. Most Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Applying For Adsense Approval ?
  7. How Long Does Google Take To Approve Adsense Account For A New Blog ?
  8. What Are The Alternative To Adsense ?
  9. What Is CPC In Adsense ?
  10. Can I Get Adsense Approval On Multi Niche Blog ?
  11. On Which Niche Adsense Provides High Payout ?
  12. Do Traffic Matters In Adsense Approval ?
  13. Can I Disabled Monetization Of Blog Without Any Harm To Adsense Account?

Top 10+ Adsense Approval Questions For User

1.Who Can Use Adsense To Earn Money?

Adsense is Google’s advertising platform that allows publishers to earn money by showing ads on their blog or YouTube channel by following simple processes.

So if you have either a blog/website or YouTube channel with good visitors on your platform then Google Adsense is made for you.

2.Can I Use Adsense & Others Advertising Platform Simultaneously?

You can use Adsense and other advertising platforms to show the ads on your blog for example you can use Adsense ads at the header and in the content or footer of the blog.

3.How To Get Fast Adsense Approval ?

Getting quick Adsense approval is easy when your blog has a .com extension, professional theme,Unique content and essential pages like about us,privacy policy etc.

4.What Google Checks  For Adsense Approval?

At the most,Google checks what type of content you’re trying to serve to users and there are various adsense policies and standards that it checks before providing the adsense approval.

5.Can I Use Adsense & Affiliate Marketing Simultaneously?

Using Adsense and Affiliate marketing simultaneously can conflict in your earning because there may be chances that instead of clicking on your affiliate link user may click on ads.

You could have earned more money if the user had purchased affiliate products using your link.

6.Most Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Applying For Adsense Approval?

Getting Adsense approval in a first application has become a dream for newbies but believe me it is very easy to get approval. Here is proven tips to get 100% approval of Adsense

  • Use Domain Having .COM
  • Use Good Theme
  • Easy To Navigate Site
  • Unique And Quality Content
  • Publish At Least 30 Post
  • Included Essential Pages ( About Us, Contact Us, Declaimer )
  • Publish Post Consistently Even After Applying Adsense
  • Don’t Do Any Customization After Applying Adsense

7.How Long Does Google Take To Approve Adsense Account For A New Blog?

Good if you have applied for Adsense approval, Now keep patience and publish content consistently because it takes 24 to 48 hours for approval of a new blog or it may take a week also.

8.What Are The Alternative To Adsense?

Although there are some good Adsense alternatives available, but Adsense is more popular among the publishers because Adsense provides full and accurate ads statistics such as impression, clicks, and source.

However if you want to use other advertising platforms then a good alternative to Adsense is Media.Net.

👉 See more alternatives of Google Adsense

9.What Is CPC In Adsense?

In general CPC stands for Cost Per Click that matters a lot for advertiser as well as publisher. Advertiser pays money to Adsense whenever ads get clicked whereas publisher like blogger earns money from Adsense.

Here Adsense is an intermediary that displays the ads on the publisher’s content ,charges ad cost from the advertiser and distributes some money to the publisher.

10.Can I Get Adsense Approval On Multi Niche Blog?

Getting Adsense approval on a multi niche blog is not tough but it has less potential to generate good money as compared to a single niche blog.

A multi niche blog has the benefits of huge traffic, unlimited content and a single niche blog has the advantage of getting paid promotion.

11.On Which Niche Adsense Provides High Payout?

Depending upon your blog niche Adsense pays you high. For example, if your blog is on finance, insurance, travel and education then Adsense can pay you thousands of dollars in a day.

If you have sufficient knowledge about one of these niches you can create a WordPress website and monetize it using Google Adsense.

12.Do Traffic Matters In Adsense Approval?

You’ll not get any problem in Adsense approval regarding blog traffic but taking Adsense approval isn’t worth it if you don’t have traffic on blog. Earning from Adsense is only possible when a blog gets a high impression of ads and CPC.

So I’ll recommend first increase website traffic then go for Adsense approval to start making money from your blog.

13.Can I Disable Monetization Of Blog Without Any Harm On My Adsense Account?

Monetization of blog can be disabled any time but if you keep it for more than 4 months ,you’ll need to resubmit your blog or channel for review to show ad on your blog.

Conclusion Of Adsense Approval Questions

There were the top 10+ Adsense questions is which is asked by many many Adsense approval seeker. I hope you find these questions useful.

To spread this article please share it in your circle who to monetize their blog using Adsense.

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