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Is Blogging A Good Career Option In 2023 ? | 14 Things You Must Know

In the corner of every newbie mind, thing arises that, is blogging a good career option in 2023 ? or should I also start blogging as other do. But wait there!

Because of trend in blogging , it is taking lots of attraction of every kind of people. Among them you may be also.

Before coming into blogging career you must go through these 14 things.

1.What Is Blogging?

Blogging is ways to show your knowledge to users by writing quality content for those who is seeking for the information.

Blogging is booming now in todays internet world, and most of the newbie want to take the taste of it and thinking to start blogging as a good career.

But wait there !

Before understanding the blogging well ,getting into this field may have the high chance to shut your blog after few months.
So first understand what is it and for whom it suitable?

In the corner of mind of every person have some knowledge and skills that can be useful for someone else. If you have knowledge like any thing then blogging is best opportunities for you.

The good part of blogging is, along with sharing your knowledge you can earn some handsome money that the most people are looking for.

The best earning source for blogging is affiliate marketing, through which they get good commission on successful selling of product.

Are you curious to start your blog, and earn money from it then you must read this post.

2.How Much Do Blogger Make?

Many newbie wants to know how much blogger earn. It is no doubt that blogger earn in millionaire but the journey behind it not short.

So if you are thinking that I will start earning immediately after few months then You are wrong.
unless you don’t practice , you won’t understand even if you have learned so many things about blogging.

Believe me!

When you choose the blogging as career and start helping other through quality content, the kind of compliment you’ll get from others is amazing

Once you start gaining the experience, your content and skills will be improved and from there your first online earning starts through blogging.

so what are you waiting for? start blogging as professional career now and grow yourself

Key note: Invest in your learning, to make money online

3.Skill Need To Be Blogger In 2023

The term ” content is the king” is famous in blogging.

I personally recommend ,if you are good in writing content then blogging is made for you because content helps to to build the trust and connect to your targeted audience.

And the basic requirements to be blogger is

  • Writing Skills
  • Computer operating skills
  • Image editing skills
  • Able to thing from customers perspective

4.Balancing Both (Work + Blogging)

Mostly the question asked can I do blogging along with my work?

If you are like me, I will say doing blogging with work really tough but if you are passionate about it then these problem doesn’t matter for you.

Initially you might get bored, upset and tired because of the several reasons but that is the part of becoming a successful Blogger. Just keep in mind that i want to be successful blogger. Plan your self for daily task and do it like you can’t live without it.

Don’t sleep if your task is not finished. Frankly I will say if you post article in consistent way, your blog definitely going to be successful blog in few months. And when you starts getting traffic, that feeling you get is amazing.

This feeling is going to be double when you will earn your first money though tis blog.

5.Risk In Blogging Career?

In the beginning ,you face a lots of problems but these problems becomes your learning that helps you to grow .

Just like any thing else, there is risk also when certain thing happens. Recently after Google updation, this is seen that 30-40% traffic dropped and amazon also reduced their commission rate on the product.

Basically when any customer purchase the product through your referrals then amazon pays you some commission such as 10% or 20% etc.

I’ll recommend don’t depend on blogging only to survive your life because it is not quick get rich scheme so do the job and keep some time for blogging. When you feel that you are earning good from blog then you can leave your job.

Tell me ! is there any job having no risk?
Even the single employee working in private company have the risk, that if the company found any problem, you may be thrown away.

6.Why To Start Blog In 2023 ?

Comparing to our population, number of blogger exists is not even single percent so starting a blog in 2023 is good decision.

Every blogger has reason to start blog whether it will be for building online brand or earning money. Bloggingwizard has listed various regions to start a blog that encourage you to dive into Blogging.

Top 3 Reason to start blogging

  • Build online brand
  • Improve writing skill
  • Generate passive income

Before starting a awesome 2023 blog clear the following questions in your mind.

  • What unique you have to share?
  • you targeted audience
  • your niche (topic)
  • How many articles I ‘ll write in a month?
  • which platform to use for blogging?

7.Who Can Start Blogging In 2023?

As anywhere not mentioned that only particular kind of person can start blogging. So even if you dummy you can start blogging but there will be something good that don’t have others. Only thing is required “writing skills” which can be also improved even if it’ not good.

But atleast one language you must know through which you convey your idea, knowledge to the audience.
For blogging technical requirement is you should have laptop with internet connection.

laptop helps to do task much faster(recommended) but if you don’t have you can start with mobile also.

8.Can We Get Success In Blogging Instantly?

Absolutely No !

If you are thinking, you will get success or start making money after just starting a blog then you are making biggest mistake.

To become a successful blogger short cut can’t be followed. When I was newbie I did this mistake and my 6 month got wasted. so don’t do amateur blogger mistake

Remember: always follow the correct path , don’t do any mistake or go with short cut Because blogging is not cup of tea.

Before earning from blog starts investing into your learning, tool and how to grow blog.

Beleive me!
If you remember above these point, definitely you’ll get success in blogging Career.

9.Decide Your Audience Before Diving

To whom you are writing content? Audience right! So deciding right audience plays major role in getting traffic on blog and growing business.

But how do I select my audience? Answer is using niche(topic).

Let’s say my niche is caring animals so I can target those audience who have the pet animals. If you talks about the content then I can write on caring tips for various animal, thier healthy food and many more.

To target the quality audience, Google and Facebook ads helps you to achieve this.

10.Writing On Multiple Niche( Should I Do)?

Starting blog on single niche is better than starting with multiple niche.

Tips: if you are starting a blog ,starts with particular niche(topic). Once this blog is successful then start another blog for different niches.

Why multiple niches blog is not recommended?

As you know ,single person cannot have all fields knowledge and Google know this. how Google can trust on you that the content you are writing is correct.

So if you are write on single niche you can easily build the trust, authority and grow your blog .

11.Is Blogging Require Promotion Like Movie?

Not all the blog need promotional,you can easily build relationships with your reader.Promotion is highly recommended if you do the business using blog.

To introduce your product in the market and build awareness among the customers promotional is Strategy is essential. you can use Google ads or Facebook ads to reach quality audience and make them aware about your blog or product.

12.Is It Possible To Become Millionaire In One Year?

As a beginner, if you are starting a blog then it is not possible to become millionor Because to learn blogging it requires atleast 1 or 2 year.

But if you are an expert, then it may be possible.

13.Is English necessary In Blogging?

No but if you want to target audience outside your country then English is necessary because English is universal language and many people understand.

So if you write articles in English ,you can drive traffic from different countries along with your country.

14.Money Required To Start Blogging Career?

To earn money from blog you have to invest some money.if you are scred to invest money then it will take more time to success than expected.

When I was a newbie I started blogging using blogger platform and After few months I got stuck because of unavailability of feature in blogger.

After that I switches to WordPress,that provides tremendous feature than blogger. By not investing money ,my 8 months work got wasted but you don’t do this mistake.

So if you also planning to start a blog, make some arrangements of money and start your first blog WordPress.

FAQ About Blogging Career (Profession)

Is Blogging A Good Career Option In 2023

As rise in digital world Blogging has come out the extremely viable and effective medium to show your skills and share quality content to user. that gives the biggest opportunities to make blogging as good profession in 2023.

Who Have The Plus Point If They Start Blogging As Career In 2023 ?

It is no doubt that blogging is taking new shape ,getting attraction of more people and it is found that to start blogging writing skills required so if you have it then blogging is made for you.

Blogging Opportunities In 2023 for Beginners

Blogging provides many opportunities and get paid option. firstly you can start your blog and publish some post ,when you get some experience you can do affiliate marketing, SEO or promote others blog many more.

Hope you found this article useful, to give contribution to this blog kindly share it in your circle. Have a great career in blogging.

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