what is plagiarism and its impact

What Is Plagiarism? How It Impact On Blog?

Want to know about plagiarism? Here I shared about plagiarism, it’s impact and avoidance tips. After reading this post you will be cleared about plagiarism.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is act of copying the contents, ideas, any kind of work of other person(copying anyway) and setting yourself owner of that.

If you take the credit of other person’s work without mentioning the source plagiarism occurs.
It doesn’t mean that you can’t copy but you should properly distinguish between your ideas and others.

Many of the beginner who start blogging do the copy and paste thing that leads to shut the blog after few month so if you also doing stop it right away.

what is plagiarism

Example of Plagiarism

  1. Copying the article of others website and pasting it own website.
  2. While writing the research paper if you copy the others research paper exactly same then it is referred as plagiarism.

Impact Of Plagiarism

As we know copying is not good but if you are not stopping it right away ,it can cause big loss for you in future.

As a student, plagiarism can make your certificate, degree invalid.

As blogger, it can cause your blog( website) permanently black listed in SEO point of you. Your blog will not appear in SERP which in turns loss of potential customers.

For businesses man, it can cause to pay big charges, tax and many more.
As a employee, Plagiarism can take your career down and reputation in big risk.

Ways To Avoid Plagiarism

  • When you copying content from others ,write it in your words because writings by yourself always going to be different.
  • While copy from source mention in quote.
  • Always mention the source of content. If you taking the reference of research paper, article mention their source like URL, title, and name.
  • use plagiarism checker

Types Of Plagiarism

Copy and paste plagiarism: It is also called as direct plagiarism where exactly same paragraph is copied without any quote.

Self plagiarism: Self Plagiarism is using the part of his or her previous work without acknowledging it. This created the problem because reader expects new and original.
Example: sharing one assignment into multiple class.

Global plagiarism: Global plagiarism applies when you submit the entire work of someone else.it may be assignment or research paper etc.
Example : friends write your assignment or buy it from online.

Mosaic plagiarism: Copying the passage from different source and creating a kind of patchwork without citation is called mosaic plagiarism

FAQ About Plagiarism

Plagiarism In Simple Words

Plagiarism is act of copying the contents, ideas, any kind of work of other person(copying anyway) and claiming the owner of it.

How To Avoid Plagiarism?

Simple to avoid the plagiarism is writing content in own words and always mention the source with quote if you copy it exactly.

How To Check Plagiarism?

To check the plagiarism you can paste the content into textbox on website such as smallseotools and simply click on button to check plagiarism.

I hope this is useful. kindly share it with other to spread knowledge about plagiarism

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