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Can I Do the Blogging On Mobile In 2023 ?

Can I do the Blogging on mobile? This question asked many a times by the newbie who want to start blogging.

Starting blog on laptop is good way for growth as well as save your big time. Even if you want to start blogging on mobile you can start if you have limited resources.

To know advantage and disadvantage of doing blogging on mobile read this post till the end.

Benefits Of Blogging On Mobile

1.Low Investment

If you start blogging on mobile, low cost is required which can be Easily afford by beginner. you just need mobile and internet connectivity and you can do all task that blogger do on laptop.

You can use Google docs app to prepare your article, once it is ready paste it in the WordPress editor and publish the article.

2.Fast Typing

As smartphone grab millions of the mind and every one found to be expert in typing using mobile keyword because they are more familiar than laptop keyboard.


As smartphone are portable so that it can be carried out anywhere and do blogging from any location.

Drawback Of Doing Blogging On Mobile

1.Huge Time

Using mobile instead of laptop for Blogging, causes big time lose. They’re different plugin and extension available for laptop that helps to do the job in much faster way.

Different key shortcut available which works only in laptop that you miss in smartphone

2.High Stress On Eye

like laptop you don’t have big screen in mobile, you have to frequently zoom in, zoom out for error checking and many more.

This increase the stress on eye that may cause headache also. This most crucial disadvantage of using mobile for blogging.

3.Image Editing Issue

Doing blogging on mobile may limits your editing performance. In case of image editing you may not be able to do proper images selection, croping, erasing smoothly etc.

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